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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Join Thomas Moore north of Toronto in April

Thomas Moore offers a weekend program at the McMichael Gallery, in the village of Kleinburg just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada from Friday 15 April to Sunday 17 April 2011 with Wayne Wilder: Residential Master Classes in Deepening Spiritual Leadership. Maximum enrollment for the weekend is 35 participants. According to the Soul-Spirit Dialogues site:
"The world is hungry for spiritual guidance and is asking more from its leaders. People of a new century are in need of fresh theology, excellent psychology and deep spiritual leadership. The combination of these are essential to our maturing. Helping us have the confidence to practice and teach depth is my passion and what I want to offer." — Thomas Moore
Spend 3 days with Thomas Moore during the weekend of April 15-17, 2011, north of Toronto:
- Home study with the book, The Soul's Religion by Thomas Moore, to be sent to all participants.
- Two webinars, one before and one after the weekend.
- Continuing Education for those interested in spiritual/ religious and psychological concepts, in an informal atmosphere of shared learning.
- Structured conversations in theology, dreams, poetics/ scripture, and eros.
Cost: $900.00
The McMichael Gallery offers two exhibits about Mariyln Monroe, Life as a Legend: Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn in Canada, as well as In Search of Norman Rockwell's America during the Soul-Spirit Dialogues weekend. These exhibits may feed into the discussions.

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