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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best spiritual books of 2010 include Moore work

Spirituality & Practice picks Thomas Moore’s book, Care of the Soul in Medicine as one of the Best Spiritual Books of 2010. It is described under Health:

"Care of the Soul in Medicine: Healing Guidance for Parents, Families, and the People Who Care for Them by Thomas Moore (Hay House, hardcover) is a timely and creative work on enriching and deepening the healing arts and transforming the work of doctors, nurses, and patients through soul and spirituality."

In their review of Care of the Soul in Medicine, Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat write,
"In his advice to doctors, Moore warns against the kind of arrogance that comes with seeing their work as an impersonal, science-dominated health care that will not expand to include alternative approaches: "Integrative medicine is a natural doorway for letting soul and spirit into the medical world. Massage, diet, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, and acupuncture presuppose a whole person. They ask that we consider pleasure, relaxation, and spiritual practice as implicated in illness and health."

Certainly, we can understand the frustration of doctors with medical education costs, insurance bureaucracy, and malpractice pressures which complicate and bring stress into their mission to be of service to others. Moore puts forward some pathways to the spiritual rejuvenation of doctors, nurses, and other health-care workers including friendship, nature, vacations, beauty, and self-analysis. He also would relish it if physicians could take more seriously the mysteries of life and death that challenge us all to see the limits of who we are and what we can do."
The site also offers an excerpt from Care of the Soul in Medicine about silence. The full list of 2010 winners shows fifty books with various subject headings.

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