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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Moore advocates religious renewal in our times

For The Huffington Post's Religion section, Thomas Moore contributes to "Religion and Science: A Contemporary Discussion" with his blog entry "Updating Your 'Old Time' Religion", posted yesterday: "I'm not saying at all that we should go back to the religion of 50 years ago, but we should be aware that science is the new religion and that it demands our acquiescence as much as any religion ever did. It advocates a secular society, but as religion gives way, so do the roots of ethical behavior: important human practices like ritual, prayer, contemplation, reverence, a deep and expansive sense of community and an appreciation for the mysterious. We think we can live without a religious base, but without it our very souls shrivel." Moore recommends:

1. "First, we can return to old beliefs and deepen them and find a more intelligent way of understanding them."
2. "Next, today it's a necessity for a thinking person to learn about the many spiritual traditions of the world."
3. "Then, you can find excellent thinkers in the arts, depth psychology and practical philosophy who will help you bridge science and religion." Moore suggests Carl G. Jung and James Hillman.
4. "Finally, in an everyday, practical way you can create your own spiritual way of life. I model mine on the monastic life I experienced as a young man and think of myself as a monk in the world."

He concludes, "Never be unintelligent about religion again. We grow our souls through an active, up-to-date, grounded, intelligent and personally relevant spirituality. Without it, life isn't worth living."