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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Book profiles Moore as a spiritual visionary

Visionaries, published by Chelsea Green Publishing earlier this year, includes a description of Thomas Moore as one of the Twentieth Century’s most important 100 inspirational leaders. This book is edited by Satish Kumar and Freddie Whitefield who live in England. Kumar is editor of Resurgence magazine, Program Director of Schumacher College and a published author. Freddie Whitefield is a craftsman and editor.

They write, "Out of a long list of strong contenders, we have selected one hundred visionaries for this book who have made the greatest impact in creating and projecting a holistic world-view, where creativity, imagination and human well-being should be the basis of social, political and economic activities. The list is naturally subjective — there are many other visionaries who could have been included in this book. It is a list of those who have influenced the ethos of Resurgence, have been featured in its pages, and have made a profound impression on the magazine."

In an August 2007 review, Richard D. Wright says, "Each profile includes the subject’s picture, several quotes, and a 400- to 500-word write-up." Wright's review includes, "The 85 contributors are all people knowledgeable in their fields who write about their choices with understanding and passion. Of additional interest is a concluding section, 'Further Information on Visionaries,' that offers four pages of book titles and webpages for those who wish to study individual visionaries in greater depth."

Thomas Moore is presented as a Spiritual Visionary by Maya Kumar Mitchell, who edited The Resurgence Craft Anthology.

Visionaries: The 20th Century's 100 Most Inspirational Leaders
Edition: Paperback
Format: B&W Illustrations
Pages: 8 x 10, 224 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1933392530
ISBN-10: 1933392533
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

Thank you, Ken Blackham, for telling us about this publication.

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