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Monday, October 01, 2007

How do you know you're on the right path?

For the October 2007 issue of Whole Life Times, Jamie Friddle asks contemporary thinkers, "How do we know when we’re on the right path"? According to Friddle, Thomas Moore responds:
"You know you’re on the right track when you don’t have a kind of pressing desire to go somewhere else. I think desire is really the key to know where you are. If your desires are throwing you off and making you dissatisfied with where you are, and you’re daydreaming about being somewhere else, not present to what you’re doing, that would be a good sign [you’re not on the right path]."
— Thomas Moore, PhD, “depth theologian” and author of Care of the Soul, and Soul Mates.
Other respondents include Cheri Huber, Po Bronson, James Hollis, and Gary Zukav.

Moore was quoted previously in the December 2006 Whole Life Times article, "Embracing Darkness" in which Laine Bergeson writes, "Perhaps our greatest task in our work toward a more peaceful world is to learn to accept ourselves as we are, and not as we want ourselves to be. We must tend to and cultivate the soul of our humanity, not with the wish to exclude the darkness and the shadows, but with the desire to embrace them." Appreciation for the soulful personality is recommended, described by Thomas Moore in Care of the Soul as "complicated, multifaceted and shaped by both pain and pleasure, success and failure. Life lived soulfully is not without its moments of darkness and periods of foolishness."

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