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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Talk today in New York is about consumerism

If you’re in New York City today, check out the Globesity Festival featuring Thomas Moore at 6:30 p.m. He will unearth the "Roots of Modern Consumerism" at The Community Theatre,
155 1st Ave.

According to festival organizers, "Globesity is the over consumption of all natural elements that create and sustain life on Earth – some of the most vital and visible being water, minerals, oil, and food. Our approach to food and sustenance is destroying our personal and social health. Our Earth and our Bodies cannot sustain the beastly grind of consumption. This beast is Globesity. It has been named. Now is the hour of confrontation. The Globesity Festival is razor sharp performance, comedy, education, celebration and collaboration. With Theatre as our laboratory, we are cooking & cutting up ingredients for solutions." Entertainer, performance artist, and comic Zero Boy is also on stage. Festival events are free and continue until Oct. 28, 2007.

If you attend Moore's talk and want to write a summary for Barque readers, please email the Editor.

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