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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hay House shares "Straight from the heart"

Hay House's Heal Your Life offers the excerpt, "Straight from the Heart" from Thomas Moore's Writing in the Sand (2010). While describing his own heart issues, Moore writes,
"I find that in this time of personal threat it isn’t easy to follow the way of Jesus in the garden — entering fully into my fears and my own will and then capitulating to the design life has for me. Is there anything quite as difficult as attuning your desires to those of the life flowing freely through you? To say, “Whatever you want of me, I submit.”

My own wish to enjoy the full flow of my life, to be there with my wife and children as they mature, now meets a blockage in a main artery of the heart, where life has failed to flow and where death clearly has an entry. My own desires are clear, but I can only wait and watch for signs of the father’s intentions. How difficult it is to pray, 'Not my desires, but yours, be fulfilled.'"
Moore includes the healing presence of nature in this section.

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