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Monday, June 28, 2010

Magazine encourages women to enjoy golf games

YGolf Magazine for Women includes as excerpt from the Introduction to Thomas Moore's new collection of short stories, The Guru of Golf and Other Stories about the Game of Life. Moore writes, "Just think about that hole in the ground, the object of the chase. Like a kiva. An emptiness in the earth. The empty tomb. A portal to the underworld. A goal that is nothing. Like waiting for Godot. Like sitting at meditation. Like being open to life."

The Home page also features an article about Catherine Behan in its Body & Soul section. "Finding Love on the Links" describes Behan's Golf in Love Confidence Program:
"She loves to tell women that three out of every four golfers are men. The odds are fantastic and savvy women are following her lead and approaching golf as the fantastic match making opportunity it is. Catherine created the Golf in Love Confidence Program to help women who want to attract a golfer of their own. She teaches that if you want to find a golfing soul mate, you need to BE A GOLFER.

She believes that once you have GOLF CONFIDENCE, your dating life will take on a whole new dimension! Golf is a game for a lifetime and having this great sport as the centerpiece of your relationship is an amazing asset...
This month Behan contributes "Being the Only Girl in the Foursome Rocks!" following her piece, "Boost your Confidence – Golf Alone!".

In his Introduction, Moore includes, "I especially like playing at the unassuming country course across the road from me. I’m sure the stories emerged from all the thinking I do as I play, sometimes alone, on that rugged and hilly, unaristocratic, and unforgiving course."