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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Essay about sex from 2002 on astrology site

Thomas Moore's 2002 essay, "The Temple of The Body: Sex in an Anti-Erotic Age" is posted on Planet Waves with readers' comments. Moore writes,
"Although I’m convinced we’re all moralists at heart, I’m not interested in making any judgments here about the ethics or appropriateness of the Kama Sutra, the temple sex couples, or the Internet, but I am interested in the sexual life of the community I live in. We seem to be both obsessed with sex and embarrassed by it. Sex sells, I’m told by almost everyone who hears I’m writing about the theme. Some insinuate that I must be writing about sex for the royalties alone, cashing in on our mass compulsion, but I wonder if I’ll lose readers, because one isn’t supposed to be interested in both spirituality and sex unless you’re writing about sacred sex, whatever that is, or offering suitably cantankerous health or moral cautions."
This essay is quoted today on the Madame Zolanga blog.