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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Listen to Moore's interview with Colin McEnroe

Colin McEnroe's Wednesday 21 April 2010 interview with Thomas Moore about his new book, Care of the Soul in Medicine is available as a 41 minute 11 second download or you may listen to it online through the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network. McEnroe shares his own experiences about his parents' deaths as an only child and talks with Moore about the book's offerings that he finds most significant.

Program notes include, "Chances are, you were born in a hospital. Throughout your life, you will get some of your most important news in hospitals. News about yourself and your loved ones. Your babies will be born there. You might die there. Anytime you're in a hospital, you're probably fearful or hopeful or both. With all of that in mind, it probably makes sense for the physical nature of a hospital to be focused on your humanity and for all the things that feed your soul to be present there."

Moore shares some of the stories in his book and helps listeners focus on important facets of the current medical system.

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