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Monday, April 12, 2010

Explore how the body is the soul showing itself

Hay House's excerpts Thomas Moore's new book, Care of the Soul in Medicine, with the offering "The Body Has Many Souls". Moore describes his vision of the body: "I didn’t appreciate the mechanical images for life in a body. Today people talk about the brain as a computer and the whole of the body as wonderful machine. I prefer Aristotle’s statement that there are many souls throughout the body. Each organ, each body part, and each cell has a soul, giving it meaning and poetical resonance."

Moore writes about his own issues of the heart and includes:
"If I were writing a full biography of my heart, I could describe wounds that stemmed from relationships lost and betrayed. I could tell of careers interrupted, of misunderstandings at work and at home, and of criticisms of my work that cut deeply.

We all have heartaches, some far more upsetting than the ones I have described, and we don’t all have heart attacks. I am simply following the signs of my symptoms and noting how they seem to summarize the life of a perhaps overly sensitive person.

I offer these reflections on a broken heart as an example of what any patient might do in response to any physical illness or disease. You aren’t out to prove conclusively what caused the illness but to explore how the body is the soul showing itself in its sad and painful moments. You don’t consider the body as an object disconnected from life but rather as the soul impressing itself on your senses."
Check this page for information about Care of the Soul in Medicine, published by Hay House.

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