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Friday, April 02, 2010

Care of the Soul in Medicine on the road in 2010

In his most recent newsletter, Thomas Moore describes his book, Care of the Soul in Medicine:
In my latest book Care of the Soul in Medicine, I offer my vision for improving health care. I spell out what it means to treat patients as whole persons-body, soul and spirit, and, as usual, I tell stories from my own experience and some that I've heard in my travels. As in Dark Nights of the Soul, I deal with illness as a rite of passage, an event that has important meaning for the patient and the health care giver as well.   

The idea for this book came from readers of Care of the  Soul. When that book first appeared almost twenty years ago, I began receiving letters from hospitals and medical  schools interested in my point of view. In the intervening  years I have spoken at countless medical events and have visited hospitals, medical schools and hospices. To prepare for this book I spent two days each month over a two-year period at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, where I got to know hospital life with some intimacy.

So, this is a very meaningful publication for me. I want to add the deep human and spiritual perspective to the current discussion about health care.  The book is not abstract or theoretical. In it I speak from my passions as a healer and as a patient. I look forward to hearing your responses to this book. To purchase Care of the Soul In Medicine click on the book cover to the right. To meet me on the road click on an event for more information or to register.

Thomas Moore
Check out Barque: Thomas Moore Newsletter for this announcement in his newsletter format.

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