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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Barque begins its fifth year of foolishness today

Tom Gilbert writes about Holy fools in the Albuquerque Christian Examiner, ending with a quote from Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul: “The path of soul is also the path of the fool, the one without pretense of self-knowledge or individuation or certainly perfection."

Gilbert includes Symeon of Emesa, Basil, and Francis of Assisi as fools for Christ. He writes, "Most of us would consider being called a fool an insult. Fools are senseless, careless and lacking wisdom. However, fools can play an important part in our gaining perspective about life. Medieval kings found value in the jester - someone who hid his wisdom behind riddles and jokes. A holy fool can give us insight into the spiritual dimension. This is worth exploring."

Barque: Thomas Moore celebrates its anniversary on April Fool's Day. It foolishly began 1 April 2005.


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