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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moore becomes intimate about life on May 3

Thomas Moore speaks at OneTaste in San Francisco on 3 May 2009 as a featured guest in The Intimate Life program. His updated page for this event describes his presentation:

VENUS: the Forgotten Face of God
"The sphere of Venus, the Italian goddess of old, contains sensuality, sexuality, romantic love, and the beauty of nature. Our modern myth of modernism has little room for Venus, and so it is through her realm that we can recover soul for ourselves and our society. But this change would entail a radical extension of values. It would ask us to confront our sexuality and fulfill it, remove the excessive commercialism from our towns and cities, and teach our children the joy of life rather than the virtue of working hard. We would once again understand the spiritual contributions of the arts and heal our bodies by giving them the pleasures and comforts they need."

Read an earlier Barque announcement for background about The Intimate Life series.

OneTaste participants are warmly invited to join Barque: Thomas Moore Forum, an open space for sharing your views and reflections about Moore's work. All that's required is registration on the site.

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