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Friday, February 20, 2009

Program exploring intimacy features Moore

Thomas Moore participates in The Intimate Life program sponsored by OneTaste, an organization in San Francisco and New York. Starting 14 April 2009, this program explores aspects of personal intimacy at the San Francisco location and online. OneTaste is offering a special introductory cost of $20 for its new Long Distance Members to access The Intimate Life course and the Media Section of its site. Registration is to be available soon.
"OneTaste presents a unique once a month journey of inquiry into what it means to live an intimate life. Through provocative lectures, experiential exercises and extensive support networks, gain the insight and tools to experience the deep connection, aliveness and intimacy you’ve always desired."

"Each month, OneTaste founder Nicole Daedone will be joined by leading teachers in the field of intimacy to discuss evocative questions: What is true intimacy? How does one cultivate intimacy in the face of trauma and suffering? What does it take to be a powerful, yet intimate leader? These sessions will be recorded and posted to the web for access by on-line students the following week and will be augmented with bi-monthly newsletters, curriculum workbooks and online buddy systems for ongoing investigation, integration and support."
Barque readers may remember Moore blogging about a rewarding visit to OneTaste during his 2008 book tour promoting A Life at Work.

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