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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moore's book about gospels to appear in 2009

Online references suggest Thomas Moore’s book about the soul of the gospels will be entitled Writing in the Sand: Jesus, Spirituality and the Soul of the Gospels, to be released next year by Hay House Inc.

Title: Writing in the Sand: Jesus, Spirituality and the Soul of the Gospels
Author: Thomas Moore
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Release Date: April or May 2009
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1401924131
ISBN-13: 978-1401924133
The description on says:
"In his latest work, Thomas Moore examines the Gospels. He uses a new approach based on a fresh reading of the original Greek texts, newly discovered gospels and employs psychology and archetypal studies.

In this book, Moore shows that Jesus’ teachings are challenging in a way that is far different from the moralism often associated with him. Writing in the Sand sets forth how we can today live the way of life that Jesus represents, showing that Jesus is a vibrant figure whose teachings can be meaningfully integrated into our twenty-first century intellectual and spiritual lives. Moore also unravels the mystery of Jesus in the past and present, from the hidden and coded texts of the Gospels, and the result will enlighten and delight readers."

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