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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Moore writes about gospels in Hillman volume

Spring Journal Books announces the availability of Archetypal Psychologies, Reflections in Honor of James Hillman, edited by Stanton Marlan. Publicity for the book includes,
"In this volume, Stanton Marlan brings together the work of 29 leading scholars, practitioners, and new voices as a testament to the fecundity and influence of archetypal psychology around the world. Archetypal Psychologies highlights the importance both of Hillman's original contributions and of current developments in this field. Featured in the volume are an excerpt from the developing official biography of James Hillman, a provocative current interview with Hillman, and a series of rare photographs. This work provides a fascinating exploration of the innovative ideas and current controversies generated by archetypal psychology and of how its many-faceted approach to life and culture intersects with and enriches contemporary society."
Thomas Moore contributed "Notes towards an Archetypal Theology of the Gospels" in the POETRY, MYTH, ART, AND RELIGION section.

Archetypal Psychologies,
Reflections in Honor of James Hillman
ISBN: 978-1-882670-54-3
524 pages
$32.95 (U.S.)
This book is from the Studies in Archetypal Psychology Series.
Series Editor: Greg Mogenson

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