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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Learn about the unicorn in the garden, Oct. 25

The Mind Body Spirit Expo, to be held October 24 - 26 2008, hosts an address by Thomas Moore on Saturday 25 October at the Valley Forge Convention Center, 20 minutes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. According to the program, Moore’s presentation is:

The Spirituality of the World

Saturday, October 25 2008
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Montgomery Room
Book signing follows lecture
General Admission Ticket Required

"Spiritual practices often try to tone down our connection with our bodies and the physical world. They are often cosmic, abstract, and aimed at perfection. A little distance from the world can be useful, but it has its dangers. Spirituality can become anti-sexual, anti-family, against possessions, and moralistic about food. It may see virtue in detachment and can be negative about pleasure and sensuality. But these tendencies of the spirit away from the ordinary things of life can split life into the secular and the sacred, the good and the bad, the ordinary and the miraculous. This presentation will show connections between spirituality and nature, pleasure, sexuality, and the secular life. It will deepen our sense of the spiritual and ultimately unite the soaring spirit with the life-embedded, emotional, and poetic soul."

For directions and venue information, visit the Valley Forge Convention Center site.

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