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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The paradox of losing your life to find your life

Nina Frost asks, "Who are you, really?" for MarbleTalks, a blog published by Marble Collegiate Church in New York City. Thomas Moore will be at Marble Collegiate Church on Saturday 10 May, and Frost’s post provides a registration link. She says,
"I believe paradox is at the heart of the spiritual life. Lose your life to find it, says Jesus, and my own life and that of many folks I know attest to this unwelcome yet exhilarating truth.
Moore has written of the "antithetical" self, something so different from our normal sense of ourselves that we often "feel both conflict and resource" in relation to this thing that makes us feel passionate. He explains: "We may each have an idea of who we should be, knowing the seeds of a self for many years. But our idea of who we are and the direction we ought to go may be entirely thwarted by circumstances and fate. We may discover that we are most ourselves when we are furthest from the self we think we ought to be."

Let that sink in. What might the implications be for your life? Is there some way you surprise yourself, do things that are not "like you" that move you deeply?"
The Barque sidebar gives a registration link for Moore's May 10 event.

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