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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Moore to speak about the arts on February 15

According to Thomas Moore’s site, he’ll speak about "The Therapeutic Value of the Fine Arts" at the Kundalini Art Gallery and Yoga Studio in Wilton, New Hampshire at 7 p.m. on Friday, February 15, 2008.

Kundalini, opened by Moore’s wife Joan Hanley and Susan Quaglia Brown in 2006, is at 51 Main Street, Wilton. This site hosted a public art installation of mud murals in the spring of 2007 to draw attention to world sustainability issues.

"I define religion at its best as a positive and effective means of relating to the mysteries that define our lives: love, death, birth, illness, marriage, and work, to name a few. A twenty-first century mentality sees these not simply as areas of normal living which one must deal but also as mysteries. A twenty-first century religion sanctifies them with sacraments, rituals, sacred stories, and sometimes guardian spirits. The arts serve this kind of religion by giving us strong images for contemplation, for reflecting on the life-defining mysteries, and for educating ourselves so we can live them out more creatively." - Thomas Moore

Quoted from Thomas Moore's column in the January - February 2008 issue of Spirituality and Health magazine on the Abbey of the Arts blog.

Call 603-654-8155 for more information about Moore’s talk next week.

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