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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dark Nights of the Soul excerpt in eight parts

"To deal with these disturbances we also need rich, solid, and useful ideas, rare items in a world of facts and opinions. I get my confidence as a therapist from my studies in religion, mythology, the arts, and depth psychology. The best therapists I know are those who have educated themselves in the great mysteries of love, aggression, and death. They are not the ones with standard techniques and easy answers. You, too, could think through the basic questions, read the best writers, see good films, and educate yourself in the life of the soul. Then, when a dark night comes, you will be ready for it."
– Thomas Moore, Dark Nights of the Soul
The e NotAloneSite (You are not alone) offers an eight-part excerpt from Thomas Moore’s Darks Night of the Soul, including sections about shades of darkness and spirituality of the deep.