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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Timely reflection helps with shifts to age soulfully

Jane Genova introduces Ageless Soul - We Baby Boomers Needed This Book 15 Years Ago" on her blog, Over 50: Helping Baby Boomers to continue to earn income, as long as they want:
"Unfortunately for so many of us Baby Boomers, psychotherapist Thomas Moore didn't publish "Ageless Soul" until October 2017. That left us on our own to experience what Moore calls the 'first taste of aging.'"
She writes, "In Ageless Soul, this former monk gives us permission to embrace getting older. Once we do that we won't have to age. We need that permission because all the messages from the world scream about the need to fight the process of getting older."

Genova shares, "Each sentence of Moore's book provides material for reflection. He articulates exactly the paradigm shift which has been going on within me."