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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Learn from Moore this weekend at Kripalu Center

This coming weekend at Kripalu Center near Stockbridge Massachusetts, Thomas Moore offers Psychotherapy as Care of the Soul: A Training in Thomas Moore’s Soul-Based Approach:
"For psychotherapists, analysts, counselors, coaches, clergy, and others looking to deepen their work.
The word psychotherapy means to serve or care for the soul. In soul-based therapy, we recognize the autonomy of the soul in a person’s life and the way the soul works in contrast to conscious, intended behavior. The soul is central to our humanity, intimate connections, spiritual vision, and pleasure — all of which give meaning and purpose to life. When the life of the deep soul is blocked, we suffer.
Soul-based therapy requires an ability to see what is going on beneath the surface."
In his January 2018 LinkedIn essay, "Deepening the Practice of Psychotherapy", Moore describes his approach and in his February 2018 LinkedIn essay, "Psyche-Therapy: Care of the Soul", Moore announces:
"... I'm also teaching a depth, soul-based approach to psychotherapy. The Greek roots of this word mean soul-care, and I am about to launch an online course on this theme that I have taught for over twenty years. It begins with a weekend workshop at Kripalu Center in [Stockbridge], MA, March 2-4."

Tuition for the Kripalu weekend: $350
Accommodation and Meals have varied pricing.