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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Video series about contemplation starts August 15

Contemplative Journal hosts a 3-part video series about soul-centered contemplation with Thomas Moore starting Monday 15 August, 2016. The series is $29.95 on Ruzuku and must be paid through Paypal.

Part I Soulful Contemplation: The Basics – It’s important to tap into the soul when practicing the contemplative life, and Moore will explore the basics of the soul in video one.
Part II  Practicing Dream & Art – A practice of dream work can help one reach the level of depth needed for a soul-oriented contemplative life. Closely related are the images of art. Moore will unpack these concepts in his second video.
Part III A Contemplative Way of Life – Contemplative practices are one thing, but a seriously contemplative way of life is another. Moore breaks down tangible, everyday contemplative practices to deepen one’s soulful life.

Bonuses include:
*A downloadable workbook with the video series.
*Thomas Moore will personally answer participants' questions via email for one week after the launch of the series.