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Monday, May 23, 2016

Mark's gospel stories full of mystery and fantasy

In his recent Patheos blog post, "Our Father in the Sky", Thomas Moore writes about his forthcoming The Book of Mark, published by Skylight Paths, available 1 October 2016:
"I have just finished my final revision of the Book of Mark and found the work even more exciting than Matthew. I discover new ideas every day in bold, imaginative theologians and literary critics. But as I write, I try to keep my own vision in mind and in the forefront. I’m speaking more about the commentary than the translation.

Mark has so much mystery and fantasy in his stories that I can’t wait to see my English version of his magical vision in print. Maybe that sounds rather egocentric, but it’s more the excitement of a translator. Translating can be a deeply fulfilling activity. The focus is on words, and if you love words, as I do, you enjoy shaping your words so that the original text can sing."
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GOSPEL The Book of Mark: A New Translation with Commentary, Jesus Spirituality for Everyone
Author: Thomas Moore
Length: 176 pages
SkyLight Paths
1 October 2016