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Friday, May 13, 2016

Thomas Moore to write new column at Patheos

This week in his Wake Up column at Patheos, "A 10-step guide to being 'spiritual but not religious'" Tom Rapsas shares Thomas Moore's keys for practising a religion of one's own. Moore initially posted these points on his own blog as "A Religion of One's Own", on 9 September 2013. According to Rapsas and Patheos, Thomas Moore soon writes a column called Soul & Spirit in its Spirituality Channel.

"If you are one of the many who consider themselves 'spiritual but not religious', this book is a must-read as it lays out a blueprint by which you can develop your own spiritual practice. This is important because if you are truly serious about your spirituality, a regular routine can enrich your spiritual awareness and strengthen your faith. This practice doesn’t just replace religion, it becomes your religion and an integral part of your life."
— Tom Rapsas