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Friday, April 08, 2016

Embrace aging as a natural process with insights

Thomas Moore teams up with Nancy Slonim Aronie to present the weekend program Aging with Soul at Kripalu Center, from Friday Nov. 18 to Sunday Nov. 20, 2016. According to the description:
"No matter how old — or young — you are, there’s still time to transform the way you think about aging. Getting older can be a soul-changing experience, a lifelong journey of discovery in which you move toward greater fulfillment and self-realization. This weekend, we look at aging in a whole new light, and discover it can be so much more than merely piling up the years and the physical changes they bring. Thomas Moore’s paradigm-shifting teachings, based on his forthcoming book, Aging with Soul, are enhanced by writer and NPR commentator Nancy Slonim Aronie, who offers evocative writing prompts and shares poetry by Peggy Freydberg, who began writing poems at age 90."
"This multigenerational workshop is for everyone; bring your parents or adult children. When you cultivate both the spirit of youth and the advantages of getting older, you benefit in every aspect of your life."
Tuition: $275.00
Cost for room and meals is based on your accommodation selection.

"Recognize aging as a process through which you become a more interesting, emotionally intelligent, sensitive, wiser, and more creative person."