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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Where is polite political discourse in the U.S.?

Thomas Moore writes "The New Vulgar" for Huffington Post. In this piece he focuses on U.S. presidential hopefuls:
"But here I'm not interested in the f-word as much as the kind of vulgarity we have seen in the recent election debates and in the speeches and reactions of certain politicians. They not only speak with profound vulgarity, they seem to think vulgar thoughts and equip themselves with a vulgar political and social philosophy. "
"The new vulgar appeals to the raw emotions, to the feral soul or reptile brain that has yet to be educated and brought up in humane society. Sometimes it's pleasant to have the rodent side of the self roused and brought into play. But not in the serious business of electing a president. Maybe on a camping trip with old buddies or among girlfriends."
Moore suggests, "... it's time to try out some old-fashioned politeness and an exquisite sense of what is appropriate."