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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Learn how to live a sacred life in a secular world

Ten thousand flowers in Spring,
the moon in Autumn,
a cool breeze in Summer,
snow in Winter.
If your mind isn't clouded by unnecessary things,
this is the best season of your life.
— Wu Men Huikai (1183–1260)
The Copper Beech Institute in West Hartford, Connecticut hosts Thomas Moore from Friday 14 November to Sunday 16 November, 2014: A Sacred Way of Life in a Secular World: Living a Soulful Life.
"The spirit illumines and inspires the soul, so that when we truly live from a deep place, anything and everything can become sacred. Nature, objects of art, family, community and one’s own life journey can all be sacred. This retreat will show in detail how to find the sacred and to live from the soul in everyday life, adding richness, depth and connection." 
Tuition is $250 + Accommodation choice. Register online now.