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Monday, April 14, 2014

Want spiritual health? Don't ingest spiritual junk

Spirituality & Health magazine shares Thomas Moore's column, "Reclaim Your Spiritual Growth", from its March-April 2014 issue. Moore describes signs of spiritual illness and spiritual health. He observes,
"You have a spiritual illness when you feel compelled to convert everyone to your way of thinking. And you are sick when you think that you alone possess the truth and feel disturbed when people don’t agree with you. You are very sick spiritually when your convictions move you to do something hurtful to your children or spouse or some other member of the family. Of course, someone who consciously or unconsciously uses their spiritual values to justify violence and warfare is sick in spirit to the extreme." 
Moore concludes, "Just as you may have to lose some weight to feel better, so you may have to abandon many truths you’ve held sacred for years. Above all, to be spiritually healthy you need to live on a diet of good ideas and excellent ideals. You shouldn’t eat junk food, and you shouldn’t think junk thoughts. "

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