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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Listen to Moore's podcast for Psychology Today

Read an abridged transcript or better yet, listen to the podcast of  "An interview with Thomas Moore" by Mark Matousek for Psychology Today. During the audio recording, approximately 22 minutes, Moore talks about healing, shadow, religion, grief and cycles of the soul. He says:
"I’m interested in these aspects of the soul, things that happen in our hearts that just go on and on. I’ve seen it in myself over years. I see little changes in some issue, but it remains there and it doesn’t go away. I think that’s a little intimation of eternity. There’s a timelessness. The alchemists used to talk about a rotazione, a rotation of themes. That’s how I see it sometimes. A slow wheel turning around and around and we think that we have solved it but then it comes back again. I think it’s very interesting to look at it that way. That’s why I like Jung’s use of alchemy in talking about dealing with sadness and illness."

24-26 October 2014
New England Educational Institute
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Psychotherapy, Spirituality and the Soul

8 November 2014
London, U.K.
A Religion of One's Own
Check for listing at:

14-16 November 2014
Copper Beech Institute
West Hartford, Connecticut
A Sacred Way of Life in a Secular World: Living a Soulful Life

21-22 November 2014
Community for Integrative Learning
Wilmington, Delaware
Leader's Insight: "A Religion of One's Own"