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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Ireland program: Care of body, soul. spirit, world

Thomas Moore offers a program at the Emmaus Centre in County Dublin, Ireland from Friday 31 October to 6 November 2014: Your Mission in Life: Care of Body, Soul, Spirit and World. According to the description:
[Moore] makes a distinction between being spiritual and being soulful, and he encourages us to cultivate both. He wants us to live our lives from the depths of the heart, pursuing our own destinies with our gifts and limitations. Soul is awakened through love, and so Thomas would have us pursue those things our soul wants and give our attention to others and to the world in love. He also advocates ancient teachings about soul that emphasize serious dreamwork, deep intuition, and a magical, enchanted view of the world.

In this series of seminar talks Thomas will also introduce ideas from his newest book A Religionn of One's Own. Here he claims that we are in a new era when a new kind of religious spirit will rise. No more secularism or religious competitiveness and exclusivism. No more heavy-handed authority and negativity. No more abuse of gender or sexuality. This new religious spirit turns to the world’s traditions for inspiration and resources but finds the whole of life sacred." 
Cost: TBA Finalized details will be shared when they're available.

The Emmaus Centre
Ennis Lane
Co. Dublin

Location Map
North of the town of Swords, ten minutes by car or taxi north of Dublin Airport on the N1, close to the M50 and M1 motorways.

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