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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Rothko Chapel may be a model for every town

With ideas in his new book, A Religion of One's Own, Thomas Moore shares "A Chapel of One's Own" as his January-February 2014 column for Spirituality & Health magazine. Moore suggests the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas may be a template for other communities:
"In a quiet neighborhood in Houston, Texas, the Rothko Chapel sits on a small open space with a quiet pond and a piece of sculpture. On most days, the chapel is a place of reflection in an active city. The architecture, furnishings, and, of course, the large dark paintings of Mark Rothko create a special atmosphere for reflection. If you look at the schedule of events and the books that are available in the library, you’ll see that every spiritual tradition imaginable is represented."
During his current book tour Moore is asked, "What about community?" He answers in this column:
"I’ve called this new approach “a religion of one’s own,” but as you pursue your own religion, immediately you begin to see connections with the whole of life and with community, defined both in the most local of ways and with all beings in the cosmos, including those we have yet to meet up with. This religion need not be narcissistic and limited."

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