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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Faith, belief may contribute to daily happiness

Beliefnet features "Nine Ways Faith Can Make You Happier", a slideshow describing the values of faith and belief based on Thomas Moore's new book, A Religion of One's Own. Accompanied by a photo gallery, captions and excerpts touch on depression, purposelessness, spirituality, creativity, anxiety, and other issues:
"Coming to terms with your fears and longings
Faith can also be a therapeutic way for you to confront and explore your fears, desires, past, and relationships with others. “Getting to know your deep soul may prevent you from venting raw emotions, acting-out and being depressed and vindictive,” writes Moore in A Religion of One’s Own. “It can clear the way for a spiritual life not sullied by psychological matters left unattended.” Faith can help you acknowledge your emotional issues and realize that you don’t have to go it alone."

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