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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Atheists and agnostics may nurture own religion

Today's blog post, "A Religion of One's Own" by Thomas Moore describes his approach in this new book to be published by Gotham Books later this year:
"I wrote this book for people who are finished, as I was, with the familiar organized religions but still want a religious life of some kind. I’ve never wanted to leave behind the monasticism of my early years. I found it fulfilling in almost every way. I love its particular kind of spirituality and its aesthetics. So I bring a monastic style to my everyday life.
My ideal is to saturate my secular living with the lessons and qualities I have learned from my Catholicism and my study of the world’s spiritual traditions. I also want to saturate my spirituality, my own personal religion, with the secular lifestyle that I love so much. My ideal is a spiritual secular life or a secular spiritual life. I like situations where you can’t separate the two."
Moore's book is for members of a traditional religions and for people of no religion:
"Whether you are a church member, a seeker, or an atheist or agnostic, you can still nurture a religion of your own. I don’t mean a self-centered, introspective religion, but one that you have made your own through your own values, tastes and understanding."
He writes about community as all people creating ways to honour transcendence in this world.