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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here's a retreat for people who play golf religiously

Today Thomas Moore offers "Golf: The Game of Life" on his blog with Huffington Post. In this piece Moore writes about golf as a game of religion: "My field is religious studies, where I have explored the world's religions, depth psychology, the iconography of art, and symbolic aspects of culture. Golf fits into that last category. My dissertation advisor decades ago was David L. Miller, who wrote a book called Gods and Games. For years I've been interested in the play factors in culture and the importance of sport and play. So, when I began to play golf, I did it as a theologian."

He describes golf as a metaphor for life, an opportunity to enjoy nature, a way to be in relationship, and as an opening to the mystical. After mentioning his book of 18 short golf stories, The Guru of Golf and Other Stories about the Game of Life, Moore shares, "Now I'm planning to give retreats at golf courses. We'll play a game and then sit around and discuss the psychology and theology of the game. I hope these retreats will help people in spirit and soul and even improve their game. We begin in Ireland, a second home for me, where people understand play and where golf is treated with respect."

While acknowledging the health benefits of golf, Moore suggests, "Most things in life go deeper than we usually think. That's why we need theologians of everyday life and culture, and that's why you'll find more pleasure and meaning in golf when you play it theologically."

For information about Moore's May 2013 golf retreat in Ireland, visit Golf with a Soul Retreat.