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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Honour the virginal, private woods within you

Spirituality & Health magazine offers Thomas Moore’s "An Altar to Artemis" in its November-December 2012 issue. Moore writes:

"I’ve always felt like an Artemis man. I’m not woodsy and I don’t enjoy camping and I’ve never been a runner, but in subtle ways I feel at home in her virginal, private world. I like to think for myself and go out of the way not to be influenced by my culture’s ideas and language. I enjoy being alone, and the few times in my life I had an ordinary job, it’s been a disaster. For the past 14 years, I’ve written all my books in the company of a dog, who sits under my desk and is one of the animals closely connected to Artemis. Others are deer and bears."

He suggests ways to keep Artemis in our lives, including, "You could read the stories of the followers of Artemis: Daphne, Actaeon, Hippolytos, Atalanta, and Britomartis. Each offers a slightly different way to embody this goddess in daily life."