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Monday, October 08, 2012

Moore shares his memories of James Hillman

James Hillman
Thomas Moore talks about his friend and mentor, James Hillman, in "Remembering James Hillman: An Enterview with Thomas Moore" by Rob Henderson in Quadrant. Hillman died 27 October 2011. Moore shares his experiences working with Hillman and his regard for Hillman's continuing influence since his death.

Moore includes, "James is alive. Resurrected. Accessible. I hope the world at large discovers him. Few other writers, so popular, are worth reading, in comparison. Skip those who are less and read Hillman. He's a difficult read for a lot of people. So is the Bible. So is Robert Frost. Certainly, so is Emily Dickinson. Yet, he's worth the effort, worth cracking your mind open to him."