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Friday, September 07, 2012

Enchantment provides a renewable energy for life

Today Thomas Moore writes a new blog entry, "Enchanted Lives" on his site. He discusses his background associations with re-enchantment and our continuing need to "wake up the imagination and make life worth living because of the world’s beauty and its power to excite us."

Moore considers the work of Teilhard de Chardin, Marsilio Ficino and William Morris as contributions to this re-visioning. He concludes:
"Notice how often I use 're-.' It means to look again with fresh eyes at something that has lost its vitality. I want to 're-' everything, especially those things that deaden us and keep our imaginations numb and take away the wonder and thrill of being in this animated and spirited world." 
Perhaps re-ligion has a re-activating role as well in this re-vitalization.


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