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Saturday, October 25, 2008

BetterListen! sells four talks on iTunes

An earlier Barque post announced that BetterListen! offers Thomas Moore’s lecture, Humanizing Medicine, on iTunes. Three additional titles are available now as downloads. Next year, these four talks may be purchased on CD.

Humanizing Medicine
Time: 75 minutes
Thomas Moore talks about extending the scope of medicine to include "spirituality and deep matters of soul, emotions, fantasies, dreams, the physical healing environment, and the relationship of caregiver and patient."

The New Epicureans
Time: 118 minutes
Thomas Moore shares "the roots of his work and approach to philosophy and living," before exploring "how our sexually repressed society contributes to violence and dysfuntion in the current age."

A Magical Life
Time: 137 minutes
Thomas Moore "restates the principals of magicians in the past, who advised tapping into the less obvious, less mechanical, less literal potencies of nature. In this magic, we bring the heart into play and regard the most ordinary aspects of daily life in their sacredness."

Soul and Everyday Life
Time: 181 minutes
Thomas Moore considers this approach: "The soul is greater than the smallness of our problems and our pasts. It is a part of our whole experience of the universe, and caring for the soul is not about introspection. Nor is it about understanding the mistakes our parents made."

Visit BetterListen! for more information about buying these digital downloads of Thomas Moore.


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