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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Moore talks about United States election

Thomas Moore responds to a Barque Forum discussion about the presidential election in the United States. His response includes,
"I always think about the words we use. Politics is from polis, the assembly or community of citizens. Politics begins in each of us finding a way through our narcissism to making real and frequent contributions to the community. Today that has to include the global community. I've never understood American politicians making "national interest" the bottom line. It would be like any of us making our own self-interest the final criterion of our behavior."
. . .
"Elections say as much about the citizens as about the potential leaders. Our country has not done well in choosing leaders, and I think the main reason is that we do not truly educate our children. A democracy requires [an] educated citizenry that knows how to choose good leadership and is motivated by common cause. We are far from this ideal."
Read Thomas Moore’s full response on the Barque: Thomas Moore Forum. Register with this free network to participate in the discussion.

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