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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Will you be near Salado, Texas in November?

"At a time in human history when values are being questioned and basic assumptions are being reassessed, when moral conflicts rise unbidden in almost every area of life, we will continue to offer opportunities for enlightenment and understanding."
Dr. Harry A. Wilmer, Founder
Institute for the Humanities at Salado:
Bridging Academic and Public Worlds

The Institute for the Humanities at Salado, in Salado Texas is sponsoring a talk by Thomas Moore on Sunday, November 5, 2006. Originally scheduled for the Spring 2006 Lecture Series, Let Your Life Speak: Finding Your True Path, Moore’s talk has been rescheduled to this later date in the year. Updates about this event may appear through the summer of 2006.

Contact the Institute, located at 101 N. Main, Suite A, Salado, Texas, for more information. Erin Burress is the Institute's business manager and Sara Mackie, its director.

Salado, Texas is at the star in the middle of the map.