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Friday, January 06, 2006

Soul and Soil: towards an ecological spirituality

July 13-16, 2006 are the dates for the annual general meeting of The Scientific and Medical Network at the University of Plymouth in Devon, UK. This year’s theme is Soul and Soil–Towards an Ecological Spirituality. Open Forum speakers, Thomas Moore will speak about Nature and Spirit: Nourishing Soul and Soil, and the editor of Resurgence magazine, Satish Kumar, will respond to his topic question, Eco-Intelligence: Nature knows us but do we know nature? The Open Forum is co-hosted by Schumacher College where Kumar is Director of Programmes. Most of the SMN meeting is members-only but the half-day Open Forum is open to the public and can be reserved separately. In its four-page PDF brochure, The Scientific and Medical Network describes this year’s gathering and introduces Moore:
"Thomas Moore is the author of Care of the Soul and over a dozen other books on psychology and spirituality. His most recent book is Dark Nights of the Soul . He frequently gives lectures and workshops on the soul in medicine, hospice work, education, business, psychotherapy and the arts. He was a monk for twelve years in his youth and has practised psychotherapy for twenty years. He is also a musician. Thomas has a particular interest in the traditions of alchemy, magic,Tarot, astrology, and symbolism in the arts."
The Network offers different types of membership, however the Moore-Kumar session is open to the public. No membership is required.