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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

A soul mate relationship is a daimonic invitation

Today the Jung Society of Utah posts "Interview: Thomas Moore on Soul Mates" before Moore's events in Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday 21 October and Saturday 22 October, 2016.

Moore emphasizes points in this interview that often are glossed over in discussions about soul mates:
— Soul mates may be very close friends, not necessarily lovers.
— Friendship may be the best model for a soulful relationship.
— Ending this relationship may be necessary.
— Features of soul are challenging and it has a lot of shadow.
— Being soul mates is not the same as being compatible.
— Soul mate relationships may help us to "become our most authentic selves".
— Attraction includes the daimonic:
"You respond to the passions you feel that pass through you. You are not responsible so much as you are responsive. You respond to the invitations that are daimonic."
— Those in relationship may not know what to do with the prima materia of passions and desires:
“One of the purposes of relationship is to create an alchemical vessel in which that raw stuff can be cooked and sorted out. So you sort out the raw material that is in you, and in a way you’re also helping your partner sort out his or her material.”
— The connection is mysterious and mystical.
— The eternal is part of the temporality of the relationship.

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