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Monday, August 15, 2016

Watch Moore recommend the contemplative life

Contemplative Journal's new three-part video series with Thomas Moore is now available: The Contemplative Soul: Developing a More Soulful Life Using Contemplative Practices. Registration is US $29.99 either through PayPal or credit card.

Part I – Soul and Spirit in Contemplation
Moore introduces basic differences between spirit and soul as delineated in ancient texts, mentioned by Carl Jung and more prominently contrasted by James Hillman in his essay Peaks and Vales (1976). Moore talks about the soul value of home, a longing described by the Renaissance magus Marcilio Ficino (1433-1499). He keeps together our need for spirit and soul, suggesting we tend to neglect the latter in our daily lives. For Moore, contemplation is rooted in soul.

Part II – Practicing Dreamwork
Moore describes how paying attention to our night dreams can help us reach the depth needed "for a soul-oriented contemplative life." He is more focused on how a dream may influence the dreamer than on its interpretation or analysis. In this video Moore offers practical ways for us to capture our dreams so they may continue to nourish us.

Part III – A Contemplative Way of Life
In the final video Moore segues from dreams to art, since dream images also may appear in fine art (painting, sculpture, architecture, music, dance, etc.) and we have an opportunity to allow the art to work on us, to seep into us. He talks about catharsis, nature and the value of solitude.

Bonuses with Registration
– 23-page PDF workbook that contains activities, questions and links to related online resources;
– Email access for one week from today to Thomas Moore to answer questions about the course. The specific email address is included with the first video.

The study platform includes a discussion area where participants may post topics of interest and contribute comments, and a listing of participants where you may introduce yourself.