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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Moore encourages everyone to become bigger

During the panel discussion Meeting Fear with Love Wednesday night at Omega Institute, Thomas Moore and Elizabeth Lesser answer a question about humility and leadership. Moore's response addresses the need for everyone, not just leaders, to become bigger people. He encourages everyone to become bigger in vision, imagination and community participation. He suggests the only way to be humble is to be big. Anything else is going to be a defense against bigness. "If your humility is a defense, anxiety about being big is not real."

This echoes Moore's recent Patheos blog, "Circling" about Emerson's essay:
"Emerson sees the circling in life as an opportunity to bounce to another circle, transcending the self of the first circle. Not growth, but a leap to another sphere, a different circle, not going up a graded stairway to heaven but catapulting across to a new world. The difference is crucial. Here are his words [emphasis added]:  “The heart refuses to be imprisoned; in its first and narrowest pulses it already tends outward with a vast force and to immense and innumerable expansions.”