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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Register for Moore's new online Lent 2016 course

Thomas Moore offers a new online course through Spirituality & Practice: The Spirituality of the Gospels for Lent 2016 from February 10 (Ash Wednesday) to March 27 (Easter Sunday), 2016. This course is "designed to deepen your devotional life, draw you closer to all your neighbors, and enable you to reframe the special ways in which the Gospel Jesus weds the spiritual and the earthly."

It includes:
"• 40 emails with a Gospel passage, a commentary on it by Thomas Moore, a practice to bring the teaching into your daily life, and a suggested creative project; 6 additional emails about other elements of the retreat.
• 4 short audio and 3 short video "classes" from Thomas Moore on key themes in the Gospels.
• A live hour-long teleconference with Thomas Moore in which he will answer questions from e-course participants.
 • A Practice Circle available 24/7 for recording your reflections, sharing with others, and receiving guidance from Thomas Moore."

Cost: $65.00 U.S. Register online now.

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