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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Reimagine religion when sin = tragic mistake

Publishers Weekly features "Bestselling Author Gives the Gospels A Fresh Translation" in its Religion section regarding Thomas Moore's translation of the Gospels. According to Jean E. Barker:
“The Gospels have been locked in Christianity too long,” he said. “I wanted to direct this translation to people of any faith or people who don’t have a faith, maybe even atheistic.” Moore also hopes existing Christians will read the series, saying, “My translation could help them re-imagine what their religion and what their faith is all about.” 
Barker writes, "Moore’s commentary in the series provides further interpretation of the Gospel message, drawing on the author’s usual eclectic range of sources, including Carl Jung, Greek mythology, the Tao Te Ching, Leonard Cohen, and Paul Tillich."

In April, 2016 Skylight Paths Publishing releases Gospel: The Book of Matthew with commentary. The remaining three books will be offered over the next two years.