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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Let "our passionate, deep, invisible selves appear"

Unity Magazine features "Listening in with Thomas Moore" in its July-August 2015 issue. With editor Katy Koontz, Moore talks about:
— avoiding the words true or truth
— thinking we don't have a single self
— naming God rarely
— discerning the teachings of religious leaders such as the Dalai Lama
— spreading our sexuality to the whole of life
— describing the soul of place
— preferring the word religion
KK: You suggest incorporating many different spiritual traditions in this religion of one’s own, but you also encourage skepticism. If all these different traditions are indeed a treasure trove, where everything has meaning and is sacred, why is skepticism necessary?
TM: Because the traditions are also full of garbage — every one of them. You’re lucky to get 25 percent of really good stuff out of any of the traditions. Even some of the great people we quote all the time are good about some things and bad about others. Nobody has the whole picture, so you shouldn’t sell your soul to any one tradition. That’s why I think we’re entering a really interesting new era. We’re leaving the time when we become a member or follower of a religion, and now we’re going to use religions as resources — sorting the good from the bad."
This interview is also available as a pdf file.

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