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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Golf wth Thomas Moore this October in Ireland

Specialty Golf Trips promotes this year's Golf and Soul Retreat with Thomas Moore in Ireland, 11-16 October 2015. According to the description:

"Golf is a game to play, not just to work at or worry about. This retreat aims at making the game more pleasurable and meaningful, as well. Though obviously it helps to develop skill at the game, this retreat focuses on a more fulfilling experience of golf. Among other things, we address:
~ Being in nature is more important to the game than you may think. You can be competitive in a friendly way.
~ Dealing with your emotional habits can improve your game, and a relaxed game can improve your emotional life in general.
~ Learn from the spiritual traditions how to relax, empty your mind and let the game play itself.
 ~ Learn how to live with magic, luck and trust. Let life take its course (a golf course, too)
~ Discover the deeper meaning of the game by hearing the metaphors in its language: hazards, traps, fairways, clubs, drive.
~ Learn through golf to deal with your anger at others and at yourself, and be more tolerant in your expectations of yourself.
~ Bring the many joys and pleasures of golf into the rest of life. "

Read the itinerary, then book your spot. Enjoy this personal, relaxed time with Thomas Moore.

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